Can I ask Allah To Make Someone Love Me

Dua To Make Someone Love You
Dua To Make Someone Love You.

Everybody has so many problems in their life which they cannot discuss with their family members or people around them. But they have full faith in Allah will listen to them always. In this kind of situation, many people feeling anxious or depressed that how they should tell Allah to make someone love them. Today we have brought your article which we will tell you the proper way of asking Allah to make someone love you for the rest of your life. Just follow the precautionary steps and guidelines while reciting the dua and you will get amazing results.

can I ask Allah to make someone love me?

It is very difficult to propose someone in just two or three meetings but you can confess to them that you love them immensely. By this method, you will be able to develop some sort of feelings in their heart. If you are trying to do so and don’t know how to do it, then you have come to the right place. If you are not understanding the process, then you can contact our Maulvi Saab by clicking on the WhatsApp button then he will guide you in a certain way so that you will be able to make correct decisions related to your love life relationship. Allah is great and he always listens to his children’s care and he always showers love and cares to them.

You can also perform the Istikharahah to Allah and then you can have deep faith in him that he will do something good in the upcoming time. Doing this or believing in this prayer will give you some sort of hints and Strength that will help you to tell your partner that you love them so much. In this way, you will be able to develop a great love bond as a relationship between the two partners.

Steps to perform

Read durood sharif in the morning

Take a bowl of water in front of you.

Mix 2-3 almonds in the water.

Take the name of the partner-

Read Istikharah in the name of Allah.

Read durood sharif again.

Important note

Naturally, you develop a feeling for a person to whom you are attracted so much but it does not mean that you directly ask Allah in a short period. First, you should spend some time with that person whom you love immensely. If you are getting regular and positive vibes from that person, then you can pray to Allah so that he will shower love and blessings on you.

dua to change the person make someone love 

Surah at-tawbah (verse 11) Is the powerful and the most effective Dua which you can decide 50 times a day so that a person will change his or her mind to make someone love. This is tried and tested Dua by all the Islamic scholars who are experts in their field of relationship and bonding. But Dua can be performed at any time of the day when you are feeling the most desirable emotion for the person. This will make the duo more effective and powerful.


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