How can I pray to get my ex back in Islam

If you are struggling to find a way to get back her love then this article is for you by which you will be able to make a powerful and impactful Dua get back your love. If your partner is having hate From you and your family and if that person does not want to come back, then you have to read these Dua by which your issues will get resolved. You will be able to get them back at right time and you will be able to convince them in a very short period because Allah will bless you and shower so much love and care for you.

Dua To Get Love Back
Dua To Get Love Back.

How can I pray to get my ex back in Islam?

Islam is a very holy Religion which has almost all the suggestions for each kind of problem and if you are missing or one thing your ex back then you have to read following instructions mentioned in this article. After doing this prayer, you will be able to convince that person with more love and care and you’ll be able to Establish a great bond ever than before between both of you. All your lost love will get back into the line and all the situations will get into control.

For doing any kind of prayer, You have to pay kind attention to the process which we are going to mention. You will have to read this Dua in the following steps;

Steps to perform

-Read wuzu before reciting the dua.

-now read durood sharif 9 times.

-now finish this powerful dua with 5 repetitions.

-now read durood sharif and wuzu again.

-now eat a sweet dish in the end.

Important note;

The dish you will eat in the end must be washed away in the water after completing the process.

You can recite this Dua any time throughout the year to convince a person to get back to you.

If the person does not start falling for you then you can change the place end time to recite the dua.

Is there any dua to get love back

If your heart is clean and your mind is pure, Then there is a very powerful and special tour which you can recite throughout the year to get back your love in a short period. After reciting this prayer, you will realize that the person has started paying attention to you who was earlier not taking interest in you.

You can also read this Dua several times a day after performing Wuzu.

“Yuh Bu Hum Wa Yuhib Bu NahuAzil Latin AllMu’mimeena Aa Izzatan All Kafireen”

If you are facing any kind of difficulty, then you can contact our Maulvi Saab by clicking on the WhatsApp button mentioned in this article and you can resolve all your issues with proper communication. Our Maulvi Saab will guide you in a specific way so that you will be able to get back your love in less period. If you follow these steps and precautions mention in this article, then it will be very beneficial for you to get back your love.


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