What do you say in a good marriage proposal

Sending a marriage proposal is a very difficult task that needs to be performed in a very organized way. The person needs to make a planned proposal so that his chances of accepting the proposal will get increase. It might take a lot of time to understand the person but if the scenario is understood properly then it will become very easy to make a marriage proposal. In this article, we will tell you some simple tips by which you can make good decisions after consulting your friends and family to send a marriage proposal.

Dua To Good Marriage Proposal

What do you say in a good marriage proposal?

A marriage proposal should be consist of personal and emotional feelings that can melt anyone’s heart to accept the marriage proposal. It should be done properly and correctly that all your talks and messages will benefit you in the maximum be. All your efforts in sayings should revolve around the story of that individual home you want to propose. Also, you need to keep faith in the Almighty Allah Who will bless you with his love and shower positive vibes, strength, and hopes around you. You can also contact our Maulvi Saab if you are facing any difficulty by clicking on the WhatsApp button below. He will help you in a certain way so that you will be able to say good things in a marriage proposal.You can also read verse 60 of the Surah al mum china for further more benefits which you can see in the marriage proposal.

Steps to perform

-Read durood sharif for 9 times.

-Clean your hands and face.

-remember the face of the person whom you want to propose.

-read verse 60 of the surah al mum china and think good things.

-read durood sharif again 11 times.

Important note;

If you have so many unanswered questions in your life Then you can contact to her Maulvi Saab who will resolve all your issues.

You have to keep faith In the Almighty Allah that he will help you to get your soul mate if you perform Dua daily.

You have to keep your mind and soul clean for the rest of your life if you want to stay together for long.

How can I ask Allah for a husband?

Allah is always happy for his children who fall in love with a good person, and he never wants anything bad for his children. If you want to ask Allah for a husband Then you can easily do prayers in namaz in the name of Allah by remembering the name of that person whom you want to marry. If the person is the right soulmate for you, then allow will be happy with you and he will shower so many blessings and love on you. Apart from this, you can also recite Dua for marriage or a Dua for a good husband so that Allah will listen to you. If you are having so many futuristic needs and desires with that person and you go to want to lose that person, then you can ask Allah for a husband by performing istikharah which is considered to be very good for understanding.


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