What should we recite for love marriage?

Dua For Love mariage
Dua for love marriage.

You must be having so much difficulty in your love marriage and you want a specific Dua by which your problem Will get resolved. You have come to the right place because we have brought a very powerful and impactful Dua which you can recite to get your love marriage done.

It is believed to be A great Islamic treatment that many brothers in their sisters follow in their daily life. It is useful for those people who are facing so many difficulties and obstacles in their love marriage and for those who want a solution for their love marriage. In this article, we are sharing a powerful Dua which you can recite to reserve your love marriage issue as soon as possible.

What should we recite for love marriage?

Surah tahaayat131 and ayat 132 are considered to be the most effective and powerful wazifa which you can decide to get your love marriage done fast. There are so many Dua for relationships that are dedicated to strengthening the bond between two people. It is a very powerful wazifa with Can be very useful for treating your situation and it can be significantly applied to any part of the day by anyone in your family. You can do it any time of the day as per the suitability of your availability. If you want any kind of immediate result from this Dua, then you can contact our Maulvi Saab who will analyze your situation and guide you in a certain way so that you will get the love marriage. Dissolution will lead to an increase in strong bonds and companionship between both partners. It will also influence the family members of the two partners by which the chances of getting a love marriage will increase day by day.

Steps to perform

take the name of your partner 7 times a day.

-put your right finger on your paper and then read wuzu.

-read ayat 131 and 132 by remembering the name of your partner.

-read Drood sharif in the end.

Important note

You have to perform this Dua 11 times a day in which your mind and heart should be clean where you don’t have to think any negative thoughts regarding your partner. You can also perform this Dua early in the morning so that it will become more effective. Apart from this if you are a girl, then you should not recite this dua in your menstrual cycle.

 How can we pray for love marriage?

You should be clean from your mind and soul so then I love will listen to you properly. You can tell your family members about your feelings so that your emotions will get stronger. Apart from this, you have to keep in mind that you have only one person whom you love immensely. If you remember his or her name properly during the duo, then you get amazing results in the end. You can also take support of the children’s in your family who will be making prayers with you in the morning so that it will get more effective.




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